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About the Firm

The Libby Law Firm was created to help you address the various issues related to estates. Whether you are a person who wishes to plan for your own estate using legal documents such as wills, trusts, and powers of attorney, a relative who needs to open and administer the estate of a loved one, or a personal representative or beneficiary in need of representation regarding a dispute, The Libby Law Firm has the expertise necessary to help you accomplish your goals in a practical and economical manner.

Smart, Bold, Aggressive.

Your success depends upon many factors, one of which is your attorney’s willingness to go the extra mile to ensure your case gets the attention it deserves, not only by our firm but by the court and by opposing parties.  Your attorney should have a number of tools at his disposal when handling your case and should be able to explain to you why one will work better than others.  Your attorney also should be willing to defy convention.  The Libby Law Firm has the skills and experience to help you succeed and is willing to use them in new and creative ways to do it more quickly and effectively.

Honest advice honors your time and money.

Our philosophy is that honest advice by our attorneys leads to wise decisions by our clients.  We wish every client had a slam-dunk case, but the truth is that that outcome of most cases is uncertain.  The Libby Law Firm gives straightforward advice beginning with our first contact with a client so that the client can make practical decisions from the start.  Our advice and recommendations are based on both the value of your time and money and the importance of helping you achieve your goals.  With The Libby Law Firm in your corner, you’ll be confident in deciding which path to take.

We serve clients in all corners of the world.

Often, estate and trust issues in Georgia involve people beyond our state’s border.  That’s why The Libby Law Firm opens its doors to any person seeking legal aid and will serve any person with an interest in the estate regardless of his location.  Sometimes, a person with an interest in a Georgia estate or trust who lives far away is discouraged because she believes her remoteness puts her at a disadvantage.  Well, we don’t allow our clients’ location affect our clients’ rights.  We have represented clients in all corners of Georgia and in just about all 50 states, and even as far away Oman and Japan.  Geography doesn’t matter.  What matters are the facts and the law.  If they are on your side, you’re as close as next door.

We know estates and trusts.

The attorneys at The Libby Law Firm know trusts and estates, and we know guardianships and conservatorships.  Please click through the pages of our site and learn about the multitude of issues that may arise in these areas of law, the tools available to deal with those issues, and the experienced, competitive representation available to you by our firm.

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